sunday 16 october 2011 | 20:00 screening

Benjamin Christensen

Häxan DK/SE, 1922, coloured, 105', 35mm, mute with Swedish intertitles and English subtitles

Frederik Croene
composition and Hammond organ


monday 15 october 2012 | 20:30 festival

Flanders International Film Festival Ghent

Two silent films with live experimental music!

Jean Genet
Un Chant d'amour FR, 1950, 26', B&W, 16mm, silent film
with live soundtrack on a deconstructed piano by Frederik Croene

Dimitri Kirsanoff
Ménilmontant FR, 1926, 37', B&W, silent film
with live electro-acoustic set by Jason Lescalleet

The Life and Death of 9413 - A Hollywood Extra


monday 05 november 2012 | 20:30 screening

WILD SHOTS – A Short Loose History of Underground Cinema

guest-curator Jack Stevenson

Robert Florey and Slavko Vorkapich
The Life and Death of 9413 - A Hollywood Extra US, 1928, 10', B&W, silent film, 16mm

Lindsay Anderson
O Dreamland GB, 1953, 13', B&W, 16mm

Wolf Koenig and Roman Kroiter
Lonely Boy CA, 1962, 27', B&W, 16mm, English with Danish subtitles

Curt McDowell
Siamese Twin Pinheads US, 1972, 6', colour, 16mm

Greta Snider
Hardcore Home Movie US, 1987, 6', colour, 16mm

Gibbs Chapman
Meet the Thinkin' Fellers US, 1992, 7', colour, 16mm

© Light Cone


monday 25 march 2013 | 20:30 screening

Courtisane Preview Show

Transparent Things: Mary Helena Clark’s films and influences

Mary Helena Clark
By foot-candle light USA, 2011, 9’, colour, video
And The Sun Flowers USA, 2008, 5’, colour, video
After Writing USA, 2008, 4’, colour, 16mm
Orpheus (outtakes) USA, 2012, 6’, B&W, 16mm
The Plant USA, 2012, 8’, colour, digital video
Sound Over Water USA, 2009, 5’, colour, 16mm

Hans Richter
Rhythmus 21 DE, 1921, 3’30, B&W, 16mm, silent film

Anne McGuire
I Am Crazy and You’re Not Wrong USA, 1997, 11’, B&W, DVD

John Smith
Leading Light GB, 1975, 11’, colour, 16mm

Ernie Gehr
Untitled USA, 1977, 5’, colour, 16mm, silent film

Anne Charlotte Robertson
Going To Work USA, 1981, 7’, colour, DVD

Saul Levine
Dream Story USA, 2001, 5’, colour, DVD

© Light Cone


monday 27 may 2013 | 20:30 screening

Clair Obscur

James Watson & Melville Webber
The Fall of the House of Usher USA, 1928, 12', b&w, 16mm

Barbara Hammer
Sanctus USA, 1990, 19', colour, 16mm

Werner Nekes
Little Night DE, 1979, 14', colour, 16mm

Peter Tscherkassky
Dream Work AT, 2001, 11', b&w, 35mm


monday 18 november 2013 | 20:30 screening

This is not a script

This is not a script: FILM EVENING 2

Charles Dekeukeleire
Histoire de détective BE, 1929, 49', B&W, sound, 16mm, French intertitles

Paul Bogaert
Ik heb mijn man zo lief BE, 2006, 1'26", colour, silent film, digital video, Dutch titles
Je liegt en je filtert BE, 2006-2010, 2′53", B&W, sound, digital video, Dutch titles and voice
RECONSTRUCTIE BE, 2012, 4'45", colour, sound, digital video, Dutch titles

Karsten Krause based on a text by e.e. cummings
You and me DE, 2009, 4', colour, stereo, digital video (digitized 8mm and super 8)

interview with Paul Bogaert by Tom Van Imschoot

Anémic cinéma - Marcel Duchamp & Man Ray


friday 08 november 2013 | 19:45 screening

This is not a script

This is not a script: FILM EVENING 1

Marcel Duchamp & Man Ray
Anémic cinéma FR, 1925-1926, 8'25", B&W, silent film, 16mm, French intertitles

Man Ray with a text by Robert Desnos
L'Étoile de mer FR, 1928, 21', B&W, silent film, 16mm, French intertitles

Johan van der Keuken
Het leesplankje NL, 1973, 10', colour, sound, 16mm

Tom Konyves
Sign Language CA, 1984, 3'53", colour, sound, video

Tonnus Oosterhoff
de mens    de horizon    het dier... NL, 1', B&W, silent film, digital flash file
Sintel NL, 2'14", B&W, silent film, digital flash file

Els Moors, Janna Meeus & Hilde Meeus
Onkruid: een documentair gedicht voor het scherm in 4 delen NL/BE, 2010, 8'40", B&W, sound, digital video

Sandy Claes & Daan Wampers based on a poem by Miguel Declercq (from DichtVorm Vlaanderen)
Blauwblauw BE, 2007, 2'06", colour, dolby surround, 35mm

Susanne Wiegner based on a poem by Robert Lax
Just Midnight DE, 2010, 3'37", colour, sound, digital video

Timothy David Orme
Epithalamium US, 2012, 4', colour, silent film, digital video

Jan Baeke & Alfred Marseille
The Trouble with Calculation NL, 2013, 10', colour, sound, digital video, written texts in Dutch, spoken texts in English

Interview with Els Moors and Jan Baeke by Tom Van Imschoot

Attention: this program will run in Sphinx Cinema!

© Zoe Beloff


monday 04 november 2013 | 20:30 performance


Kinesthetics: Henri Chomette, Zoe Beloff & Ilppo Pohjola

Henri Chomette
Jeux des reflets et de la vitesse FR, 1923-1925, 6', B&W, silent film, 16mm

Zoe Beloff
Nightmare Angel US, 1986, 30',B&W, sound, 16mm

Ilppo Pohjola
Routemaster FI, 2000, 16', colours, 35mm, live music: Mathieu Vandekerckhove

L'Invitation au voyage - Germaine Dulac


friday 17 october 2014 | 20:00 performance

Focus on France

DOUBLE BILL: L’Invitation au voyage / Paris qui dort, with live music by Laura Maes and MIAUX

Germaine Dulac
L'Invitation au voyage France, 1927, B&W, 33', 16mm, silent film with live music by Laura Maes

René Clair
Paris qui dort France, 1924, B&W, 35', 16mm, silent film with live music by MIAUX

Man Ray, Les mystères du château de Dé © Man Ray Trust


monday 01 december 2014 | 20:30 screening

Focus on France

Les mystères du château de Dé / La glace à trois faces

Man Ray
Les mystères du château de Dé FR, 1929, b&w, 25', 35mm

Jean Epstein
La glace à trois faces FR, 1927, b&w, 45', 35mm, no sound

Dominic Angerame, Continuum © Dominic Angerame


thursday 14 may 2015 | 20:30 screening

Dominic Angerame / László Moholy-Nagy

In the presence of Dominic Angerame

László Moholy-Nagy
Notes on the Port of Marseilles  DE, 1929, 10', b&w, 16mm, silent

Dominic Angerame
Continuum  US, 1987, 17', b&w, 16mm    
Deconstruction Sight  US, 1990, 14', b&w, 16mm  
Premonition  US, 1995, 10', b&w, 16mm

In the Course of Human Events  US, 1997, 23', b&w, 16mm  
The Soul of Things US, 2010, 15', b&w, 16mm

Maya Deren, Witch's Cradle Outtakes © Courtesy of Maya Deren and LUX


monday 30 november 2015 | 20:30 screening

Art, Artists and Film

Bruce Connor / Harald Thys & Jos De Gruyter / Marcel Duchamp / Maya Deren / Liliane Lijn / Ana Navas

Bruce Connor
Take the 5:10 to Dreamland  US, 1977, 6', b&w, 16mm

Harald Thys & Jos De Gruyter
Der Schlamm von Branst  BE, 2008, 20', colour, digital

Marcel Duchamp
Anémic Cinéma 
 FR, 1925 - 1926, 8', b&w, 16mm, silent

Maya Deren
Witch's Cradle Outtakes 
  US, 1943, 10', b&w, 16mm, silent

Liliane Lijn
What is the Sound of One Hand Clapping 
  UK, 1974, 14', colour, 16mm

Benjamin Christensen, Witchcraft Through The Ages


wednesday 09 november 2016 | 20:00 screening


Double Bill Horror

Benjamin Christensen  
Witchcraft Through The Ages     SE, 1921, 77', b&w, dvd

Mario Bava    
Black Sunday     IT, 1960, 87', b&w, Blu-ray


Curated by VZW Kuru

Schmelzdahin, Aus den Algen © Light Cone


monday 28 november 2016 | 20:00 screening

Moldy and infected

Jan Cornelis Mol     
Uit het rijk der kristallen   NL, 1927, 13', b&w, 35mm

Aus den Algen   DE, 1986, 10', colour, Super 8mm    
Stadt in Flammen   DE, 1984, 5', colour, Super 8mm

Tomonari Nishikawa     
Sound of a million Insects, Light of a thousand Stars   JP, 2014, 2', colour, 35mm

Pascal Baes     
Berck  BE, 2016, 57', colour, digital, live music DJP



Poster/folder Häxan

Poster and folder for the Häxan program with live organ music composed and performed by Frederik Croene, 16 Octobre 2011.

594 x 420 mm (open) / 297 x 210 mm (folded)
Offset on Maco gloss 135 gr.
Design: Joris Verdoodt


Images Häxan


1920s | 2010s


1890s | 1900s | 1910s | 1920s

Benjamin Christensen's "Häxan" with live soundtrack by Frederik Croene

During the International Film Festival of Ghent, OFFoff presented the Danish-Swedish cult classic Häxan (aka Witchcraft through the ages, 1922) by Benjamin Christensen. Pianist Frederik Croene composed a new accompanying soundtrack on Hammond organ, and brought it live ... in the Castle of the Counts in Ghent, on Sunday October 16th, 2011.


1920s | 2010s