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maandag 28 april 2014 | 20:30 vertoning

locatie: OFFoff

Curator: Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor, filmcurator bij onder meer WORM en het Internationaal Filmfestival van Rotterdam, is gespecialiseerd in verboden filmkopijen, bijzondere vondsten en radicale experimenten. Voor OFFoff levert hij opnieuw een portie avontuurlijke en verrassende cinema aan huis.

Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn
Blondes in the Jungle
US, 2009, kleur, 16mm naar video, 48'

On a hunt for the Fountain of Youth, three teenagers buy drugs, harm nature and have magical encounters. Tons of landscape footage, a meditation on Mayan Archaeology and a heavy TV teen vibe highlight this very funny impulse-buy spiritual adventure.

Barry Doupé
CA, 2009, kleur, video, 5'

Experiments with the phenomenology of light and colour through fiber-optic flower arrangements. Doupé's animations are inspired by the Thale Cress plant, which is commonly used in biological mutation experiments. His rotating electronic floras, which resemble neon lights, sex toys and fireworks, glow in the dark digital void.' (Amy Kazymerchyk)

Naoko Tasaka
Japan, 2013, kleur, video, 21'

There's bears and there's waterfalls! 'Naoko Tasaka's sphinx-like Flower unfolds like a children's story before it plumbs the depths of both a physical and metaphorical surface, as straightforward narration gives way to sublimated abstraction.' (Andréa Picard)