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dimanche 11 mars 2018 | 20:00 spectacle

locatie: OFFoff

verwante programmas

Atelier OFFoff

Ninjato komt in OFFoff zijn nieuwe plaat voorstellen in avant-première! Met live visuals van Diederick Nuyttens zit u goed voor een glitchy avond!

Mellow Minds proudly presents new Ninjato full length album!

Studying War For Peaceful Reasons is an electronic though danceable album compared to his earlier work. After five years, Joren Hemeryck finished his new Ninjato L.P. and it's full of wonderful worldly but still recognizable glitchy vibes. 

Ninjato created a more acoustic sound through combining field-recordings with live-recorded instruments, electronic bass-lines, spacey pads and other experiments. He went back to the essence of producing and has been experimenting with several recording techniques for creating his music. He also got in touch and co-operated with AMAZUMI for the raps and lyrics for BLACK FOREST!

On November 8, 2012 Ninjato released his first record "Chronicles of the 6 Samurai" on "Caoutchou Records". After releasing the album, he presented it in AB club, BXL (2013) and at various festivals and venues in the country.

Since 2013, Ninjato significantly expanded his live set and has also started a collaboration with Diederick Nuyttens for the visual interpretation. It is also during this period that the ideas for the new album and the development of a professional studio have started to mature.

Release April 12, 2018

Written, produced & recorded by Joren Hemeryck (Ninjato)
Mixed by Joren Hemeryck
Mastered by Jonas Uytdenhouwen
Artwork by Ship Of Fools
Released on tape by Caoutchou Records (AOU026)