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dimanche 18 février 2018 | 15:00 spectacle

TG Gondard, a French musician residing in Brussels, will start off the matinee with quirky lo-fi synth pop. He's currently on tour for his recently released album Avontuur II. A visual artist too, he will show some of his latest video work.

Dutch producer and artist Piyojo follows up with sample-based, IDM-like pop. Last year, he released an album and an EP. That EP, titled Live Recordings Restored By Zachte Man', was picked up by THUMP, the electronic music and culture channel from VICE. Let's see what he has in store for this year.

Simiskina, an Oslo-based duo, pick up elements from contemporary classical music and jazz in their improvisations. They recently released their debut album on the Portuguese label Clean Feed. The self-titled album consists of ten minimalistic acoustic improvisations, characterized by dynamic rhythmic patterns, prepared piano and double bass.

Live, Simsikina will be accompanied by the French filmmaker and visual artist Xavier Quérel, providing visuals with a 16mm projector and lights. He co-founded L'Atelier MTK, a collective film laboratory. His friend, METAMKINE-colleague Christophe Auger recently participated in our event about ‘expanded cinema', To Be Alive.



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