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vendredi 13 octobre 2017 | 20:00 spectacle

verwante programmas

Film Fest

William Raban
Take Measure, 1973, live performance
Angles of Incidence, 1973, 8', colour, 16mm
Surface Tension, 1976, 15', b&w, 16mm
Diagonal, 1973, 5', colour, 16mm

Christophe Auger (METAMKINE)
SOLO, 2017, 30', colour, live performance (16mm film, projectors, objects, lenses, lights)

Simon Liu
Highview, 2017, 20', colour, 4 x 16mm
Cluster Click City Sundays, 2017, 20', colour, 16mm

Adriana Vila Guevara & Luis Macias
Even Silence is Cause of Storm, 2016, 40', colour, 16mm


In 1964, Alexander Hammid and Francis Thompson made the documentary 'To be alive!' for the New York World's Fair. Their short film was an absolute hit with the public and even walked away with the Oscar for best documentary the subsequent year. Rather than the content, it was the visual of experience of the work that was so captivating: three projectors and three screens were combined to tell a single story! During to be alive! in Vooruit, we bring the rebellious history of expanded cinema back to life through a series of performances in which the artists, their films and a set of projectors play the leading role.

William Raban is one of the pioneers of the British structural and expanded film scene. In the seventies, he was a central figure of the London Filmmakers' Co-Op and made waves with films that were screened with either two or three 16mm projectors. Not only can several of his works be seen in Vooruit, his legendary 1973 performance Take Measure will be repeated by the artist himself. Following Raban, the French filmmaker Christophe Auger will take the stage. In the eighties, Auger co-founded METAMKINE, a group that abided in punk milieus and attracted attention through strong visual and auditory performances. In his solo work, Auger continues his pioneering research of the film image- by means of different projectors, he creates a ‘film' that is strictly performative and thus tells a different story with every performance. Simon Liu, an American with roots in Hong Kong, is an absolute star of the New York underground. With several 16mm projectors, he generates a multitude of colors and rhythms that together tell one story. Dreamlike images from Lui's family life merge into one striking and poetic image. Although his work could recently be seen in Centre Pompidou, Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin, the Rotterdam Film Festival and the Whitney Museum in New York, never before has Liu showcased his work in Belgium. Lastly, the Venezuelan-Spanish duo Adriana Vila Guevara and Luis Macias will bring their latest work: Even Silence is Cause of Storm, a film performance with four projectors accompanied by the electronic music of Alfredo Costa Monteiro, wherein our uneasy relationship with nature is singled out. An experience that turns out to be hypnotic, subtle and violent all at the same time...

To Be Alive! will be a celebration of analogue photography, where 16mm projectors and celluloid film are handled and manipulated live on stage by the artists.