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thursday 07 december 2017 | 19:30 screening

locatie: OFFoff

verwante programmas


OUT LOUD and Cinarchy Films present The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson at Art Cinema OFFoff. With the permission of Public Square Films we are able to screen this Netflix documentary for free, so we can discuss it afterwards in a more social, less digital setting.

David France, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, VS, 2007, 105', colour, digital

In 1992 black transgender activist and Stonewall veteran Marsha P. Johnson was found dead in suspicious circumstances. The authorities classified it as a suicide, but none of her friends, co-workers and neighbors have ever believed this story. In this documentary director David France follows trans rights activist Victoria Cruz on her path to seek justice for Marsha, and by doing so, connects everything from Stonewall to contemporary trans activism in NYC.

Making a case for the "T" in "LGBT", this documentary also blames the LGB-movement to have forsaken the transgender movement, after they've gotten their rights. Since 2013 the number of murders on transgenders in the US has been rising yearly, with every year since being a new historic high. Last month a total of 25 deaths have been registered for 2017 alone. By showing this documentary, we also want to raise awareness about issues both locally and globally, with which the trans movement is confronted.