Art Cinema OFFoff was established in 2002 as a Belgian centre for the exhibition, reflection and network of present and past film-art / audiovisual art. OFFoff shows ambitious film-art, work that distinguishes itself from 'mainstream' and 'arthouse' film in its unique position on the cutting edge between 'fine art' and cinema. OFFoff’s activities are intended to reveal ànd, at the same time, investigate the relevance of the audiovisual medium today, both in its material manifestation and in its reflective power. The screened art works are exhibited in their original format and make part of a research-driven programme.


OFFoff’s three missions are:


  1. OFFoff is an exhibition platform for experimental film in Flanders. It offers two thematic programme seasons (18) and OFFoff-ON:-programmes (6), 2 extra muros events, some 18 nomadic programmes and initiatives for young artists and film makers.
  2. OFFoff initiates and facilitates exhibition networks and distribution initiatives in and outside Belgium. OFFoff ensures its supralocal and international visibility through collaboration with ‘hosting’ partners in and outside the audiovisual sector. As a centre of distribution and intermediary for experimental film OFoff introduces foreign creations in Belgium and at the same time connects Belgian experimental film makers with foreign international circuits. OFFoff is a member of the European Kino-climates network.
  3. As a centre of expertise and platform for reflection for experimental film OFFoff prepares its presentations with expert meetings and subsequently contextualizes them with lectures, discussions, publications and educative programmes stimulating reflection and research on experimental film. Thus OFFoff offers (inter)national curators and researchers opportunities to give an audiovisual presentation of their research and discuss it during a lecture, which is fully in agreement with developments within the present academic field, where research is no longer merely a written study, but also a creation of a new work, an exhibition or a film programme.

board, staff and volunteers

Artistic coordination: Godart Bakkers
General manager: Matthias Peynshaert

Art Cinema OFFoff is a non-profit organization. The board consists of Bieke Vanlerberghe, Dany Deprez, Isolde Vanhee (pr.), Jan Peeters, Joris Verdoodt, Karen Dick, Isabel Devriendt, Marjoleine Maes and Rom Bohez. In case of a general assembly, these board members are joined by Ellen Meiresonne, Hans Martens and Luc Bonte.

Artistic counsil: Godart Bakkers, Julian Ross, Isolde Vanhee, Charlotte Van Buylaere, Emma van der Put, Sven Dehens, Gawan Fagard.

A group of volunteers and interns further ensures the survival of OFFoff by maintaining our venues and equipment, running the projectors, keeping up and distributing our printed and online communication and advertising, providing new plans and ideas, taking care of the foyer, and many other tasks. OFFoff kicked off the year 2015 with a group of people who support us in about every aspect of our organisation.

For all this, OFFoff can count on:
Annelein Pompe, Benjamin Verhoeven, Bart Bral, Bob Mees, Charmaine Noten, Diederick Nuyttens, Elke Dick, Joris Luyckx, Julie Somers, Justine Meeus, Mathias Berner, Nina Vandaele, Sara De Pelsemaeke, Saraï Cachet, Mahdieh Fahimi, Frederik Poisquet en Baltasar Thomas.

Would you like to be part of the OFFoff team? Let us know during one of the evening shows or send us a message at info@offoff.be.


Art Cinema OFFoff vzw receives structural support and funding from the Flemish Community and the city of Ghent. The Province of East Flanders further supports OFFoff through project funds. OFFoff also collaborates with Film Fest Gent, Bozar, Club Solo (Breda) Kunstacademie aan Zee, Vooruit and the (students of the) art schools.

Would you like to support OFFoff through sponsorship or patronage, or are you interested in any form of cooperation? Then please contact Matthias Peynshaert (matthias.peynshaert@outlook.com).


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