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zaterdag 19 september 2015 | 00:00 vertoning

locatie: OFFoff

From 2010 till 2014, the Ghent based cinema for experimental film 'Art Cinema OFFoff' had a format called 'Jonge Zwervers', giving young Flemish filmmakers the opportunity to show their work at our venue. Everybody was welcome, without any form of selection.

In 2015, OFFoff launched their first international open call for young experimental filmmakers. Word spread throughout the Internet, resulting in more than 70 submitted movies from all over the world. Out of this, a jury of 5 professionals of the Belgian and Dutch film industry selected 14 films coming from Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and Canada.

Analogue or digital and a mix of different genres, but always provocative or renewing in form and content. The screening takes 96'.

 Believing in the high quality of the selected films, Art Cinema OFFoff searched for extern partners to show the selection. We are very happy to cooperate with Kunstacademie aan Zee, who will screen Young Vagrants during Film Festival Oostende.

 Following the links below, you can watch trailers or full movies to form an idea about the program. Be welcome!

1.    Anne Reijniers - Looking at Marie (20'06")

2.    Jacky De Groen - Eclipse (5'41")

3.    Koen Van Goethem - Tropical Excuse (1')

4.    Eva Giolo - Shattered (9'34")

5.    Diederick Nuyttens - TTTelevision Toxicator  (23'53")

6.    Sarah Bijlsma - Identifying Europe (2'04")

7.    Milena Vergara - Mémoire/3 (2'07")

8.    Eliah Ornicans - Nagger (1'55")

9.    Cylixe - Flotsam (14'54")

10.Jeroen Cluckers - Ships in Distress in a Datamosh (1')

11.Krefer - Estudo de Persistência (Study on Persistence) (2')

12.Willehad Eilers - In the hole (2'30")

13.Johannes Langkamp - Videosketches 2012 (4'23")

14.Eva Kolcze - Badlands (4'12'')


Anne Reijniers

Looking at Marie - BE, 2014, 20'06", in Dutch (with English subtitles)

Anne Reijniers is a filmmaker who is active in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. To her, working with film, regardless of the exact task, is one of life's necessities, as she lives by the words of Johan van der Keuken:

"If I hold the camera, I know what to do, it always surprises me, I think it's a deep need to preserve yourself..."

Looking at Marie is an experimental film with a fictional storyline about a girl named Marie. After Marie's friend and housemate dies, his absence drives her to become deeply fascinated by the images that remain of him. In order to anchor her memories to her remaining surroundings, she also starts to film. A mix of 16mm and tablet images strengthens Marie's endless and volatile search for lost moments and elicits musings on life and death. As the audience, you follow Marie's vision as you watch a girl viewing herself through a camera. Simultaneously, you realize all the more that you too are being watched.

(cinematography by Grimm Vandekerckhove. Cast: Clara Devriendt, Charlotte De Bruyne)



Jacky De Groen

Eclipse - BE, 2014, 5'41", animation

Jacky De Groen studied Animation at KASK Ghent (Royal Academy of Fine Arts). Her films are painted in a crude, expressive style, and explore the relation between abstract and symbolic images. She introduces her short animation Eclipse with the following words:

A lunar eclipse is a night within a night. After sundown comes moondown. After dark comes the darkness, where bodies lose their boundaries.  



Koen Van Goethem

Tropical Excuse - BE/TH, 2010, 1'

Tropical Excuse is a remix of found footage.  It's made by Koen van Goethem and Lindsey Daems. Both are Antwerp based artists. The music featured on this film is made by Milan Warmoeskerken.



Eva Giolo

Shattered - BE, 2014, 9'34"

Eva Giolo is a musician and audio-visual artist. She first graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music in London, and later turned her attention to video, studying media art at the KASK Ghent. She explores the loss of and nostalgia for memories and deals with the social stigmas towards those suffering from mental illnesses. Her videos consist of portraits representing subjects who are pretty much always facing a certain kind of loneliness. Her work is essentially personal as she often takes her own family as an example and was inspired by her own obsessions, anxieties and childhood. She currently lives in Ghent.

Shattered is a 10-minute short film about the emotional life of her grandmother suffering from Alzheimer. In this movie, the spectator wanders through a silent and desolated house, hiding fragments of an old woman's life ... a woman of lost words and confused gestures, tenderness and despair.



Diederick Nuyttens

TTTelevision Toxicator - BE, 2014, 23'53"

Diederick Nuyttens is a Belgian visual artist who lives and works in the cities of Ghent and Ostend. After his Visual Arts studies at the LUCA Institute in Ghent, he mainly became active in the field of video-art and oil paintings. Nuyttens was selected for the "Coming People" exhibition of the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent, which focuses on young, recently graduated talent. His oil paintings have been exhibited at several venues in Belgium as well.

As a video artist, several of his works were shown at Art Cinema OFFoff as well, and he has collaborated with numerous jazz musicians and music-theatre companies such as 'KaG' and 'Walpurgis'.

The Television Toxicator is Nuyttens's contemporary and hallucinatory interpretation of Shakespeare's The Tempest. It is a multidisciplinary art project created by a group of indomitable young people from the port town of Ostend who wish to give the best of themselves in the city of Ghent.



Sarah Bijlsma

Identifying Europe - NL, 2013, 2'04"

Sarah Bijlsma graduated from the ArtEZ Academy of Arts in Arnhem in 2011. Her feature film Mandarin won several prizes and has been screened at numerous occasions in and outside of Europe. In her work, Bijlsma mostly deals with anthropological subjects and posits questions about the identity of both individuals and cultures. Aside from her own work, she is also the co-founder of Over View, a collaboration between 47 video artists and 8 curators from all over the world. The project allows her to regard the identity of different countries and the differences and similarities in the international artists' (cinematic) choices. Over View had screenings at the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo (MADC) in Costa Rica in May 2015 and at Felix Meritis in Amsterdam in June. Sarah Bijlsma is currently living and working in Ghent, Belgium.



Milena Vergara

Mémoire/3 - BE, 2014, 2'07"

Milena Vergara Santiago is an art student with Spanish roots who was born in Brussels in 1993 and raised in French. Due to an exchange program at the age of fifteen, she experienced the Flemish (Dutch speaking) culture and later decided to study a bachelor in visual design at LUCA School of Art in Ghent. Afterwards, she decided to stay at LUCA in order to receive a master's degree in art and photography. Her Spanish roots and the many travels she had made as a child, sparked a passion in her for foreign countries and landscapes which is visible in a lot of her work.

Mémoire/3 is a short movie out of a series of journalistic films she made last summer.



Eliah Ornicans

Nagger - BE, 2015, 1'55", animation

Word "fun" origins comes starting from 1680s "to cheat" but "responsibility" is not that old word and its origins starts only after 1780-90. Abraham Lincoln's responsibility crossed people ears only on 22nd September of 1862 year by issuing Emancipation Proclamation. Fun is older than responsibility.

I won't say thanks to God - I believe he really does not care where all this gratitude comes from -one small item to internal space. Nietzsche wrote: "God is dead!", G.K. Chesterton wrote: "Without God, people will believe in anything." So if we stick to the idea that there is a believe vacuum then I suggest - let's believe if there are so many different skin colors then maybe God himself is colorful. But now look from this angle-humans share 50% DNA with bananas! How racist are those guys dressed as bananas and promoting fresh fruits in front of grocery shops?  The end.

All these days I spent sitting in front of computer screen to search for answers, animate and now I laugh because now I realize what sitcom comedy means. We have instincts of tomorrows but rules of yesterday. Such word as "nigger" gets its power because people gives meaning to it but if the past of this word erases - it cannot hurt anyone. The future generation is my patient.




Flotsam - DE, 2014, 14'54", colour

Cylixe is a German filmmaker and video artist between exploring the space between documentary and essay, and experiment and narrative. Her focus lies on challenging the functions of man-made systems and structures, whether they are sociological, philosophical or architectural in nature.

FLotSAm is an urban essay film about an encounter in New York City. It demonstrates the fight against depression, the traps and emergency exits of existentialism. Associative images of worlds tumbling through the metropolis overwhelm the viewer and are inhaled, so to speak, by pondering, philosophic travelers.

When you enter an existential crisis, all filters fall. Reality is shaded in low contrast, low key, foggy. Every outside signal grinds mind and teeth and exaggerates to a feedback loop. Every thought is a downward spiral. A well-known staircase for the experienced traveler in the self-destructive regions of the mind.


Jeroen Cluckers

Ships in Distress in a Datamosh - BE, 2014, 1'00", video painting

Jeroen Cluckers is a Belgian video artist and experimental filmmaker. He wishes to explore the audiovisual potential of video and film by researching, deconstructing and transforming the language of both media. Additionally, he attempts to write audiovisual poetry as well. This often results in dreamlike, painterly images that balance on the edge of recognition and alienation. His work is displayed internationally at film and video art festivals, and was also previously shown on Belgian, Austrian and American television. Together with Wout Lievens, he founded The Stargazer TV, a music, film and art channel that offers an inspiring gaze into the artistic world. He currently lives and works in Ghent, Belgium.

His Ships in Distress in a Datamorph is a one-minute datamoshed remix of Peter Monamy's painting "Ships in Distress in a Storm", turning the original work into a new abstract impressionist video painting.




Estudo de Persistência - BR, 2014, 2', no sound

Krefer (1987, Curitiba, Brazil) is a filmmaker and visual artist who lives in São Paulo, Brazil. His works have been presented at the Loop Festival/Screen From Barcelona, Instants Vidéo, Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro Int'l Short Film Festival, and the "Translucent" solo exhibition at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum. He was awarded at the Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards, Vivo arte.mov and the FICBIC International Film Festival of Curitiba Art Biennial, among others.

Additionally, he has worked as a curator for the Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba Int'l Film Festival (2012-2014) and presented two group exhibitions at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum: "Male/Female/" (2012) and "Anti" (2013).

Estudo de Persistência is a collection of intimate mirror selfies found on the Web, all shot with the flash lights on, resulting in accidental light effects. These still images are then edited as a flickering slideshow that reflects upon contemporary relationships as they are mediated by technology.



Willehad Eilers

In The Hole - DE, 2015, 2'30"

Willehad Eilers (1981, Peine, Germany), also known under the pseudonym Wayne Horse, began his career in the German graffiti scene. Eilers later went on to graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts in Amsterdam and continues to live and work in the Dutch capital to this day. His eclectic body of work comprises video, drawing, performance and installation, and is distinctive for its lyrical quality, playful humor and expressiveness. A recurring narrative in his oeuvre revolves around the bizarre, occasionally ugly but always compelling aspects of humanity.

To refer to Willehad Eilers as an artist-ethnographer is not too much of a stretch. Describing his practice as an investigation of the heuristically learnt political and cultural mores that define contemporary society, Eilers gently nudges us towards a poetic realization of our social selves through his highly performative range of paintings, installations, videos and drawings. Infused with a mischievous, effortless confidence, Eilers' crude-style works offer us anthropological insight into his observations of the flawed human condition and its perpetual evolution. He unflinchingly presents us with images that convey the disposition of the modern individual towards grotesque, even masturbatory obsessions. Underlying his practice is an artistic methodology that recalls the theorist James Clifford's concept of "ethnographic surrealism": he assails the quotidian situations that we think are familiar, and renders them unrecognizable. By mounting successive challenges to the hegemonic boundaries of our imagination, Eilers provokes his viewers into directly interacting with his highly unique works.

In The Hole is a film about saying 'no'. How not every wish is going to be fulfilled. How sometimes rules are made to be stuck to instead of being broken. About realizing one's position in life and about many more things.



Johannes Langkamp

Videosketches 2012 - NL, 2012, 4'23"

Johannes Langkamp carries out a constant and playful research into video as a medium. Inspired by the everyday, he makes short fragments of video using the simplest of means, giving them a raw and sketchy style. By exploring perspective and perception, Langkamp discovers outcomes that surprise himself as much as others. His ideas evolve while experimenting with the features and limitations of his tools (cameras, situations, displays). Through this process, he develops rough sketches into installations, highlighting the camera's relationship with space.
The result is a straightforward observation presenting an unusual take on reality, giving the audience a taste of Langkamp's vision and interpretation.

In 2011, Johannes Langkamp set himself the task of making a video every day for a month. They are mostly short, clumsily recorded films in which he creates visual illusions with slapstick humor. He followed this up with his 'Videosketchbook', a series of short films in which the camera itself is the main subject: crushed between lift doors or mounted to an electric drill. Langkamp gives his imagination full rein in a childish and simple manner: a box becomes a bird and a rotating lamp makes the world turn round."



Eva Kolcze

Badlands - CA, 2013, 4', 16mm, super 8, HD

Eva Kolcze is a Toronto-based artist whose work explores themes of landscape, architecture and the body through material investigations with the surface of celluloid. Her work has screened locally and internationally at venues and festivals including Anthology Film Archives, The International Rotterdam Film Festival, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and The Images Festival.

Kolcze's Badlands show us the Cheltenham Badlands in Ontario, exposed geological formations that once lay beneath an ancient lake. The barren, rolling landscape was sculpted by the water that flowed over it. Shot in HD and super 8, the film also features celluloid that has been decayed in soil and water.